Sunday, March 20, 2016

Updates & Changes - We are back!!

Lots of things going on. While deciding to move to a new ranch - we wanted a new name and a new "view" on things. Which meant changing a lot more than we had thought.

1) We have merged pages with The Cheeky Cow. We hope you'll take a moment to like us there if you have not. Healing Harvest is no longer a page. If you've already liked us - you were moved :)

2) We will be using this as our blog still. After much thought we will be moving posts from the blog "The Cheeky Cow" over to here and leaving this link as is. However, the name at the top of the page will change to what we have finally decided to name the ranch.

3) We will be putting out a quarterly magazine if anyone would be interested.

4) Also, at this time, once the updates are made (blog posts moved, name change, site design change) we will be offering the blog as a subscription via Amazon for those of you who prefer that.

5) Some of the content will be making a move from here. Our homeschool/educating blog is here: and our crafty/DIY site is here:


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