Saturday, March 15, 2014

My First Batch of #Seeds for the #Garden { #homesteading }

So, I ordered some seeds online. They're pretty expensive local since we're so rural. I figured - what the heck? I mean, most of the ones online give you more seeds than you're likely to use in a season. And even i you buy local, you're bound to get some non-growing "duds" - We'll see how it goes this year.

My first batch arrived (I purchased several since I couldn't decide - one was a pure impulse buy that I just had to try in order to have my own seeds for in the coming years - more about that later).

Here's my current stash -
Beefsteak tomatoes, Red cherry tomatoes, cherry belle radishes, long island brussel sprouts
walthum broccoli, sweet yolo wonder peppers, sweet banana peppers, tendersweet carrots

little marvel peas, marketmore cucumbers, bloomsdale longstanding spinach, golden acre cabbage
bunching tokyo long white onions, romain parris island lettuce, utah 52-70 celery

All are listed as non-GMO

Purchased on Ebay - here (for those interested - currently there is some left)

They are advertised as OVER 1625 fresh seeds.

What I really like about these cute little envelopes of seeds, each has a stick on label that tells you the depth they need to be planted, how many days to germinate and how many days until harvest.

If you're like me and haven't gardened in ages - this is a life saver. 

The label also tells you approximately how many seeds are in each envelope.

For example mine say -
Carrot - approx 200 seeds
Broccoli - 100 seeds (this one does not say approx, so I'm figuring the number is to be accurate)
Radish - 75 seeds (again does not say approx)
...and so on

My other seed purchases that I'll be talking about once they arrive?
For those curious one is here ($19.99 with free shipping for 12,000 seeds <--not a typo)
and the other is here (this one was the pure impulse buy that I think is really cool. Hoping to have my own seeds to not spend so much on this in coming years)

I'll be telling you more about them when they arrive. (I think they're supposed to both be here on Monday)

#DIY Carpet #Cleaner + #StainRemover

So, as a few of you know, I was hunting for a way to get blood out of my new carpet. Needless to say, peroxide was the answer. However, it did mess some with the color of the carpet. So, I had to play around a bit.

What I discovered is there is a simple and fairly inexpensive way to not only get spots out of your carpet, but this also works on clothing stains.

This is all you need.
(By the way, the peroxide was $1 at the dollar store and the dish soap was $2 at the dollar store)
Dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.

I mixed:
1 part dish soap
3 parts peroxide

Now, this will get sudsy. So, you'll want fresh clean water to rinse it out of your carpet with.
But, I've tested on blood, mud, puppy accidents, spills and so on.
It's gotten them all out.
One or two I had to retreat (or leave on a bit longer) but it's worked great.

Also, this works on clothing stains. If it's an item you really love, I'd est a small area first - just to be sure it's not going to harm your material. You never can be too safe.

I've also tested this mix with Gain dish soap (not just the Palmolive with Oxy shown in the imge).

Thursday, March 13, 2014

#Recipe Share: #Bacon Egg Garlic Cheese #Biscuits

I got these wonderful little packets on sale for 70 cents each. I bought them, figuring they couldn't be too bad. And, the neat thing? All you do is add water {and they're really good}.

scrambling eggs :-)

bacon - yummy

First I placed a small amount of biscuit batter in each muffin tin after spraying well so they wouldn't stick.

added a small layer of scrambled eggs

added bacon on top

then another little splat of biscuit mix {by the way, the biscuit mix is garlic and cheese}.

finished product :-) 
My version of bacon and egg biscuits.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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Wordless Wednesday 11 ( #WordlessWednesday )

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#Forensic #Notebooking in #HighSchool #Curriculum ?

I am thinking of having forensics as the first semester science for my oldest child this fall. I'm going to {as I often do} put together most of my own curriculum. Would anyone be interested in the units as notebooking pages?

Monday, March 10, 2014

#Notebooking Pages - #Gettysburg by Hallie Grace

I've created two notebooking pages to share on Gettysburg. The first page is a very mini fact sheet. The second encourages more research and a mini article on it.

Likely not for younger children unless very advance.

If you download, please leave your feedback. By knowing what you thought, it will help me improve future notebooking shares.

If sharing with others, please direct them to this site to download.

Have a curriculum request? Please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Page One {Here} - Page Two {Here}

Where do You Want to Be? #Budget & #Profit/Loss #Homesteading

Everything costs to start up. There's no way around it. Most times it will take years to even break even. The thing with "grow your own" and "do it yourself" is that you have to keep pushing. Some people give up (as I almost did) right after they see their spending just go up and up initially.

Animals need pens, you need to purchase your stock animals, they need feed, and container for food and water. The need vet care/vaccines (some of them and sometimes).

If you're going to can and freeze your garden, you need start up items, jars, seeds, and so on.

Nothing is ever free.

And lately it almost seems doing things from scratch and setting up your own sustainable living costs more than giving in and simply purchasing from the store.

Then why do it?

You're giving yourself the chance to give yourself and children better quality food. No additives. No pesticides (unless you choose to use them - even if you do, at least you know exactly what is being used and how).

So, I'm in my new place and I moved some supplies from my old place. Honestly I'd forgotten I'd bought them until I was cleaning out the barn. So I ended up with:

10 - 2X4s
2 - 8 ft high by 8 ft wide wood privacy fence pieces
10 - cement bricks (the ones that are rectangle with a hole on each half)

I'm not going to count those in my cost simply because I purchased them three months short of a year ago. 

I did buy:
1 roll chicken wire - 6 ft high by 50 ft long for $60
Ziploc bag of seeds - 1 each of: beets, cucumbers, peas, tomatoes, green beans, broccoli, turnips, and okra $20 (before you fall over, let me explain - it was a donation for local war vets, I thought it was a small price to pay and they didn't ask for that much for the seed, I offered it.)

Homestead expenses to date: $80

Sunday, March 09, 2014

#Notebooking Pages For #Homeschool

Over the next few weeks, I'm making some long overdue notebooking pages. So, with that I thought I'd ask if anyone was looking for something specific. If so, let me know and I'll see if I can help you out.

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More #Poop - Steer #Manure or Horse for Your #Garden ?

This shouldn't be my normal rambling post, however, I never realized there was much of a difference in the manure you use to fertilize your garden.

I know people who use rabbit manure, goat manure, chicken manure, horse and cow manure and so on. Many compost the waste of their on farm animals to use later for fertilizer to keep moving forward on their own in not buying too many off land products.

While I was at that local feed store visit, not only was I asking about gardening, I also asked about a few other things. (I needed to know when the chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese would be in because I do have to have their fencing and housing complete. I also did purchase on 50 foot roll of chicken wire, but have to go to another town to get the wood to start putting it all together.)

Anyway, in our conversation, I was told that horse manure isn't as good for your garden as steer manure. Evidently it's due to nitrogen content. The steer manure has more.

With that, don't throw it down and leave it in air too soon before planting. It will lose it's purpose. Also make sure to turn it into the soil when you plant so the nitrogen stays available to your plants longer.

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