Sunday, December 21, 2014

Want a #Random #Free #Gift from me in 2015? #PayItForward

Are you friends with me on Facebook (HERE)? Or do you like my facebook page (HERE) I've posted a rare re-post. It's one about paying it forward and I think it's a lovely concept to have planned for the beginning of 2015.

I really realized this today. I was considering buying some boysenberry seeds as was a friend of mine. I by no means have a lot of money. We struggle just like everyone else. But I did also want some of these to plant. It's my hope to rarely use the grocery store after a few years. Anyway, she couldn't afford the crazy shipping price. So, I purchased enough seeds for the both of us and will send her some when my package gets here (it'll cost me under $1 to ship to here). It made her happy and that made me feel good. :)

So, if you'd like to participate in my pay it forward - you are welcome to friend me (if you haven't already) and/or like my facebook page and leave a comment. So, this means I'll have a total of 10 people for 2015. (NOTE: You must be willing to provide me with your snail mail address.)


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