Friday, December 26, 2014

Dear #Ebay - Am I missing Something?

I've purchased products on and off from ebay since 2007. I recently started trying to sell a few items (which I quickly discovered is NOT worth it. I think my item sold for $3.50 and ebay took $1.65. and they underestimated the shipping, which cost me another almost $1.)

So, I've gotten 417-ish feedback in that time (with many that haven't left feedback). Interestingly enough, this week I had two sellers contact me saying they were going to have to refund my money. One claimed his wife had sold my purchase at a yard sale (in winter, mind you) and he wasn't aware of it. I didn't think too much of it. Then, two days later another seller contacted me and told me she thought she had it in stock, then realized she didn't have one after all. Ok, so I figured I was just having a bad week.

Anyway, I had initially listed 4 items to sell on ebay. One had sold. Ebay auto relisted the other three. This week two more sold. On one, since others had placed bids on it, ebay offered me a "second chance" option. This meant I could contact those who had bid and ask if they wanted to offer me more money for the product and sell it to them, rather than my highest bidder.

Hold up. What?

Of course I didn't do that. I sold to my bidder that won, as was policy and the only FAIR thing to do. Why be the highest bidder and watch the auction only to have it taken from you after the auction because someone who wasn't watching it bid less and might be willing to offer a bit more?

I now believe those two cancels (which have never happened in 7 years) were the result of this ebay "second chance" option.

My thoughts? 1) Shame on you ebay! 2) Sellers, where's your honesty? 3) Is there another site like ebay that doesn't have this?


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