Sunday, December 28, 2014

#BrokeLikeMe ? #NewYear #Resolution Versus #JustDoIt - #Homesteading on a #Budget

The last year I've been going through so many sites that are "homesteading" sites. I've even checked out a number or "Prepper" sites because some of the concepts apply to homesteading as well. After all, the goal of both is to be self sufficient.

Let's reverse a bit.

I moved to this area 3 years ago (Well almost 3 1/2 I guess). In any case, I thought my research was sufficient and a few months after my move I started gathering goats an chickens and ducks and turkeys (Oh my!). However, I was NOT ready after all. I sold some off before I moved to my new location a little under a year ago. Other unfortunately became coyote and owl food as they wouldn't stay penned in (Did you know chickens, ducks and turkeys can even be escape artists?).

When I moved into this house this past February I had big plans as a "regrouped" first year homesteader. I went back to research and found some amazing sites. The hang up with these amazing sites? It seems no homesteader is a broke as I am. They have huge homes and vast kitchens. Beautiful chicken coops and barns. They have acres and acres of land.

I got really bummed out and after pricing the things I wanted to do, I realized there was no way I'd be where I wanted to be by this coming spring. I thought I'd hire locals that needed the money to do some of the work they knew how to do.

This would have saved me money - IF they would have finished the jobs. The chain link dog area that I wanted to start out with, almost a year later, still is not finished and I've paid FOUR different people to do it and will have to hire a fifth. So, my saving money - has actually caused me to pay for the fence twice over.

I'm not making the same mistake with the horse stall I need built. (My first horse experience was a nightmare this summer - I'll share that later on). This time I checked around a bit more. This guy will get the job done and has a good reputation. He does charge double everyone (but if I hire a bonded contractor to do the job in this area, it will easily cost me 4 times that amount - they know no one likes to actually work out here and they price gouge.) - but it will be done and done right.

Budgets around here are very difficult to stick to and there's never any money inn savings. It seems when I get a bit of "extra" money - it goes right to the things I'm behind on or needed and couldn't purchase before then - leaving me broke yet again.

Now this isn't a "poor me" post - honest.

What it is, a place where those in my situation can come follow my journey and see how I'm going to manage on such a tight budget - with a grandbaby arriving in 2015 as well (living here, at my expense).

So, are you broke like me and want to homestead? Follow me and I'll be sharing my trial and error experiences. And a way to really create your homestead on a broke budget (it will take longer, but I'm determined to do it).


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