Tuesday, July 01, 2014

#Homesteading #Chickens ~ Get Your Stock Moving

If you remember, the goal was to be a lot farther than where I am by this time of year. However, rather than stress over what I cannot control, I've decided there's a reason that my plans are delayed and I get more time to plan it for next year.

Also, if you remember, we had a bit of "Homestead" devastation ( The Joys of #Homesteading (or trying to) #Chickens #Dogs #ToughLessons ). Needless to say, these are my three remaining chickens. I am loving the color of the black one and will definitely be looking for more next spring.

Anyway, back on topic....it's healthier to feed your family from items you've grown/raised yourself. I loathe the idea of having to slaughter anything. However, I know that by doing so, I'm putting the best food on my table for my children. I know exactly what they've eaten and how they were treated during their life. I understand about meat being essential. However, I feel there's never any reason to mistreat those animals....even if their end result is being in an oven. Actually I think they should live like kings and experience happiness.

So, what I've learned....

You have to know exactly what you want to do with your stock. This applies not just to chickens. Do you want all layers? Will you eat some? Will you buy new chicks each year or try to produce your own?

With three, there's not a whole lot to plan this season. However, I've decided the following and I've got to make my yard set up plans accordingly.

I definitely want layers. I spend way too much on eggs. And, if you allow them to free range part of the year, all you really have to do is make sure they're disease and parasite free and have plenty of clean fresh water (well and their coop stays clean). I really need about 24 just for layers. I want to have plenty for home and some to give.

I also think it's important to produce my own stock for the following year. So, there will be another (smaller) area for breeders. I'll have to pick up a small incubator to try to raise my success rate as well.

As far as "eaters" - I may not get to it next year, but I'm going to try. Again, I'll need stock as well as breeders for coming years.

Since I've decided I'd love to have a horse or two, (more details on that later) I've had to replan my yard and what will go where and how much room I have. I know I'll have to cut back on some things I really wanted to have...but I'll just have to see what we need more of.

Do you have a plan for your chickens? Tried and true chicken breeder? New to chickens and thinking of starting? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I have a rather unique situation ... my husband really wants to raise chickens but ... we're vegan. So we won't be eating the eggs or the chickens (I should say that we have absolutely no problem with folks who choose to eat animals or animal products ... we just choose not to). We like the idea of having chickens around ... they eat bugs and it's just fun to watch them. But I haven't found much information on raising them as pets. Have you ever heard of anyone doing that? Is it crazy? I've got a lot to learn because I want them to be protected and yet, happy and free.

    1. Absolutely. Some people have chickens simply for being pets. The area I live in, it's not so common because so many are "old fashioned cowboys" - but in other areas, it is


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