Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Joys of #Homesteading (or trying to) #Chickens #Dogs #ToughLessons

There's no doubt this is all new to me. It's trial and error and hopefully having it all figured out before the kids are all grown - at this point, I'm doubting in my ability to make that happen.

At my previous location, I had picked up animals and did terrible due to owls and coyotes and forces of nature in general. When I moved, I wasn't going to reattempt and sold the animals I had left and just sucked up the monetary loss.

Then I went to the grocery store - read more labels - and more articles about the food we purchase.

I now wish I'd not settled for the "less land" that I thought I had wanted.

A few weeks ago, I began repurchasing chickens. I needed to build up my supplies. One for eggs, one for breeding, and one for food (sounds terrible, I know, but...)

Yesterday morning we put the dogs out in their areas and my youngest son's ankle biter (as I affectionately call her - all our others are big), managed to get loose and kill 18 chickens. I was in the shower, my kids were working on morning independent school studies.

I have 5 left.

I am devastated. My others won't touch the chickens. We now know this one will.

Tough lessen learned.

Rebuilding my start at rebuilding again next week.


  1. So sorry to hear of your loss! We had a near-miss this weekend as our boxer/lab obliterated our coop door and went in chasing the girls around. Thankfully we were close by outside and able to grab him before any harm was done. Thinking good thoughts for you as you rebuild your flock.

  2. Oh no, it's hard enough with the wild life to keep them but to have that happen must of been so disappointing. Try not to let it discourage you!


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