Monday, March 10, 2014

Where do You Want to Be? #Budget & #Profit/Loss #Homesteading

Everything costs to start up. There's no way around it. Most times it will take years to even break even. The thing with "grow your own" and "do it yourself" is that you have to keep pushing. Some people give up (as I almost did) right after they see their spending just go up and up initially.

Animals need pens, you need to purchase your stock animals, they need feed, and container for food and water. The need vet care/vaccines (some of them and sometimes).

If you're going to can and freeze your garden, you need start up items, jars, seeds, and so on.

Nothing is ever free.

And lately it almost seems doing things from scratch and setting up your own sustainable living costs more than giving in and simply purchasing from the store.

Then why do it?

You're giving yourself the chance to give yourself and children better quality food. No additives. No pesticides (unless you choose to use them - even if you do, at least you know exactly what is being used and how).

So, I'm in my new place and I moved some supplies from my old place. Honestly I'd forgotten I'd bought them until I was cleaning out the barn. So I ended up with:

10 - 2X4s
2 - 8 ft high by 8 ft wide wood privacy fence pieces
10 - cement bricks (the ones that are rectangle with a hole on each half)

I'm not going to count those in my cost simply because I purchased them three months short of a year ago. 

I did buy:
1 roll chicken wire - 6 ft high by 50 ft long for $60
Ziploc bag of seeds - 1 each of: beets, cucumbers, peas, tomatoes, green beans, broccoli, turnips, and okra $20 (before you fall over, let me explain - it was a donation for local war vets, I thought it was a small price to pay and they didn't ask for that much for the seed, I offered it.)

Homestead expenses to date: $80


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