Wednesday, March 05, 2014

#RealLife ~ #Teens ~ #Family ~ #Changes ~ #Homesteading

I know I've needed to make this post for quite a while. I've sort of left the blog on auto-pilot, which was never my intention. To say it's been rough since December is an understatement.

I'm still, 3 months later, between two houses. My mail, for months, wasn't going to the new house, they were returning it. Instead of holding my mail, they were under the assumption that it was a move with no forwarding address. Why? I'm not certain since I filled out the packet. So, I've missed a lot of review opportunities.

My oldest daughter has been having the teen drama that I thought we'd been avoiding. I guess nothing lasts forever.

The fencing, the one I was messing with 2 months ago, still isn't done. Scratch that. It's not even started, although I do have the materials.

Evidently the best made plans...

In addition, looking at my grocery bill each month, I've decided to try to continue with partial homesteading at the new location, even though I'm short quite a number of acres.

I hope everyone will still stop in while I try to regroup. :-)


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