Saturday, March 15, 2014

My First Batch of #Seeds for the #Garden { #homesteading }

So, I ordered some seeds online. They're pretty expensive local since we're so rural. I figured - what the heck? I mean, most of the ones online give you more seeds than you're likely to use in a season. And even i you buy local, you're bound to get some non-growing "duds" - We'll see how it goes this year.

My first batch arrived (I purchased several since I couldn't decide - one was a pure impulse buy that I just had to try in order to have my own seeds for in the coming years - more about that later).

Here's my current stash -

Beefsteak tomatoes, Red cherry tomatoes, cherry belle radishes, long island brussel sprouts
walthum broccoli, sweet yolo wonder peppers, sweet banana peppers, tendersweet carrots

little marvel peas, marketmore cucumbers, bloomsdale longstanding spinach, golden acre cabbage
bunching tokyo long white onions, romain parris island lettuce, utah 52-70 celery

All are listed as non-GMO

Purchased on Ebay - here (for those interested - currently there is some left)

They are advertised as OVER 1625 fresh seeds.

What I really like about these cute little envelopes of seeds, each has a stick on label that tells you the depth they need to be planted, how many days to germinate and how many days until harvest.

If you're like me and haven't gardened in ages - this is a life saver. 

The label also tells you approximately how many seeds are in each envelope.

For example mine say -
Carrot - approx 200 seeds
Broccoli - 100 seeds (this one does not say approx, so I'm figuring the number is to be accurate)
Radish - 75 seeds (again does not say approx)
...and so on

My other seed purchases that I'll be talking about once they arrive?
For those curious one is here ($19.99 with free shipping for 12,000 seeds <--not a typo)
and the other is here (this one was the pure impulse buy that I think is really cool. Hoping to have my own seeds to not spend so much on this in coming years)

I'll be telling you more about them when they arrive. (I think they're supposed to both be here on Monday)


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