Sunday, March 09, 2014

More #Poop - Steer #Manure or Horse for Your #Garden ?

This shouldn't be my normal rambling post, however, I never realized there was much of a difference in the manure you use to fertilize your garden.

I know people who use rabbit manure, goat manure, chicken manure, horse and cow manure and so on. Many compost the waste of their on farm animals to use later for fertilizer to keep moving forward on their own in not buying too many off land products.

While I was at that local feed store visit, not only was I asking about gardening, I also asked about a few other things. (I needed to know when the chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese would be in because I do have to have their fencing and housing complete. I also did purchase on 50 foot roll of chicken wire, but have to go to another town to get the wood to start putting it all together.)

Anyway, in our conversation, I was told that horse manure isn't as good for your garden as steer manure. Evidently it's due to nitrogen content. The steer manure has more.

With that, don't throw it down and leave it in air too soon before planting. It will lose it's purpose. Also make sure to turn it into the soil when you plant so the nitrogen stays available to your plants longer.


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