Saturday, March 08, 2014

Let's Talk #Poop - #Manure as #Fertilizer in Your #Garden

Bet that title made you look twice :-)

Last year I attempted to plant several items to see how it would go. I've heard I don't live in the best area for the best soil. I figured, that by using plastic containers, I could keep my plants away from whatever was unpure in my own dirt.

I planted an apple tree, some red and green peppers, some cherry tomatoes, and jalapenos.

Absolutely nothing survived.

We have heavy rains at certain times of the year as well as really high winds a good part of the year. Add to it the icky soil...and well, I probably should have chosen a different place to relocate to.

I was talking to the man that owns the small feed store in a town close-by. He was a barrel of knowledge on the area and the soil. Don't be afraid to ask. I hate looking like I'm clueless. But I didn't want to fail like last season with the garden and I'd like to expand to more than 5 items that I waste money on because I've done them incorrectly.

What I've found, for this area, I need to mix one bag of manure (1 cu. ft bag) to one bag of composted mulch (3 cu. ft bag). Then till it in with the soil. For some reason this is supposedly the magic fix for the soil here.

Also, it seems to have a higher sand content and I'm told the "old ways" of water once in the morning and once at night simply don't work. You need to water 3 to 4 times per day.

However, I am still researching this as someone else told me they simply flood their garden once a day and it does well. Although, they're not in the same area I am. Same town, slightly different soil concentration.

How do you prepare your garden?


  1. My mom is a gardener and swears by poop. All of my planters & gardens have healthy mixes of fresh (ewwwww) cow manure in them. Fingers crossed for you this year!

  2. My grandpa swore by cow poop too. I guess I just got away from that stuff after he passed and my green thumb went with him. Thanks for the well wishes, I'm certain I'm going to need plenty of them.


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