Friday, March 28, 2014

Healthy Babies #Giveaway Event - Baby Bullet

This is a sponsored Review/Giveaway for Baby Bullet

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This is a wonderful way to know exactly what your baby is eating. Keep away from GMOs and more....

We research and dig for information on how to eat healthier, eliminate preservatives and try to find out natural roots-literally in the foods we eat and the products we put in and on our bodies. We hear the stories and reports about how added chemicals and preservatives are linked to diseases and conditions many suffer from on a daily basis. With our babies, we now have more choices to feed them a more natural diet free of preservatives. In the past we were limited to jars of baby food from the grocery store unless we had the time to manually mash and solidify veggies and fruits. With the Baby Bullet, you can crank out a weeks worth of food in under 10 minutes! It is so quick, the blades are flawless and the nutrition guides make it so easy to create recipes.

What you get
  • The batch bowl
  • Power base
  • Date-dial cups
  • Short cups
  • Stay-fresh lids
  • Blend blade
  • Milling Blade
  • Feeding , nutrition & user guides
How does it work?
  • To start your larger portions, attach the batch bowl onto the blend blade, add your ingredients to the batch bowl and push & twist for a few seconds. Store in the date-dial cups
  • To turn your family dinner into babies dinner for a meal-size portion, add the ingredients to a short cup, attach the blend blade and twist for a few seconds
  • To make oatmeals and cereals with oats & grains, add grains to a short cup, attach the milling blade and twist until you have a fine powder
Are you ready to control what ingredients your baby consumes? Enter below to win the Baby Bullet complete set. Open to US. Ends 4/11.

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  1. I would rather eat any of the fruity flavors but especially...pears. The vegetable puree is totally gross to me, I don't even like to juice veggies because I'd rather eat them in a salad or roasted.

    P.S. your rafflecopter showed up twice. Maybe a glitch?

  2. I would choose to eat pear and spinach puree


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