Sunday, March 16, 2014

#Family Safe Like & Follow

Do you have a family friendly blog, facebook page, twitter, etc?
Feel like there's no where for you to join that won't cause you to like and follow pages you really don't want on your feed?

Join the new Family Friendly Like and Follow Facebook event.

Details are:

Do you have a family friendly facebook page? Need some twitter likes on a family friendly twitter? I've found a large amount of like for like, but none that I could actually like many of the accounts in.
My sister is doing one that I cannot participate in, so I thought I'd do one for others that blog like I do. 
If you have more than one link, please label it as an additional link.
Be sure to like and follow everyone above you and anyone below you so this works fairly for everyone. Do not list your same link more than once.
Hallie Grace's photo.
April 15
You're going

Hope to see you there (if this goes well, we'll continue with a few different types of events)


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