Saturday, March 15, 2014

#DIY Carpet #Cleaner + #StainRemover

So, as a few of you know, I was hunting for a way to get blood out of my new carpet. Needless to say, peroxide was the answer. However, it did mess some with the color of the carpet. So, I had to play around a bit.

What I discovered is there is a simple and fairly inexpensive way to not only get spots out of your carpet, but this also works on clothing stains.

This is all you need.
(By the way, the peroxide was $1 at the dollar store and the dish soap was $2 at the dollar store)
Dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.

I mixed:
1 part dish soap
3 parts peroxide

Now, this will get sudsy. So, you'll want fresh clean water to rinse it out of your carpet with.
But, I've tested on blood, mud, puppy accidents, spills and so on.
It's gotten them all out.
One or two I had to retreat (or leave on a bit longer) but it's worked great.

Also, this works on clothing stains. If it's an item you really love, I'd est a small area first - just to be sure it's not going to harm your material. You never can be too safe.

I've also tested this mix with Gain dish soap (not just the Palmolive with Oxy shown in the imge).

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