Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#AmazonPrime for $79 ~ Last Day ~ Is it Worth it?

Today is the LAST day to get Amazon Prime for $79. If you're unsure if you want it, I recommend signing up for their 30 day free rial, because they say it will lock you in for this year at $79.

As many have heard, Amazon raised it's Prime pricing on March 17, 2014. It increased $20 (from $79 to $99). I posted about it on my main facebook profile to see what others thought. Some are on the fence about renewing, some feel it worth it, others won't be doing so. {Looking for my Healing Harvest Page? It's here}

For me, I never was a prime member for several reasons.
1) I don't order many physical items from Amazon
2) You still have to pay for a lot of the streaming - it's not all included (I use Google Play + Hulu and Netlix)
3) I don't like to give my books back and you only get one per month anyway.

I've never had it.

I mean:

1) Will the streaming work on my Kindle?
2) Will it work on the Playstation?
3) Will I order enough that I'd spend at least $79 if I had shipped it? Because I won't use the lending library. And I'm not sure I'll pay extra for shows and movies {I recently signed up for VUDU - but more on that another day}.

That being said, due to the array of thoughts on my facebook profile about it, I signed up for the 30 day trial. In the 30 days, I'll be searching for products I can't find locally as well as other items that may be at a better price since I'm so rural.

I'll be seeing if it really is worth it for me, and I'll probably be sharing an update in 30 days ~ will I continue for $79? Or are there better options for me?

What are your views on Prime?


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