Sunday, January 05, 2014

The #Grateful Jar ~ Lessons on #Caring #Appreciation and #NotTakingForGranted

I came across a post on Facebook that I shared yesterday. Take a few moments to watch the Video of this man HERE.

I thought about this. I watched it a second time. My comment on the post when I shared it was:

I can never walk by a homeless person. I always give them money and a meal. I know some say they scam ~ but what if it was you or one of your children? Spare a little kindness. You never know. Be thankful for the food in your pantry and the blankets you have to cuddle with. Not everyone is as fortunate.

I watched it a third time and then really looked at my children sitting next to me. I was on my laptop while they were snacking and watching a movie. I then thought about having a television, a DVD player, and cable in each room of the house. Each of their bedrooms have them.

My oldest daughter thinks she needs $100+ jeans. She wear Hollister, Areopostle and so on. She never says thank you. I hear "Mom, I need another pair of shoes, I don't like these anymore."

I've been trying to determine how to cut the budget this year as we're moving into a new home. A home that we're furnishing from top to bottom. We're taking clothes and that's it from our current home.

All I hear is "I need" - "I need" - "I need"

More than a few times over the last year, I've heard a few of my children make fun of other children who didn't have what they have. Someone who got one video game as opposed to their six. Someone who wore the same pair of pants several days a week. Someone else who wore clothing with holes in them or shoes with holes.

I never taught them to be this way. But, I imagine, during the short period they were back in public school (5 months and I pulled them back out), I thought maybe it was a phase. I'd explain how terrible they were being to others and hope it didn't happen again.

Once we move into the new home (I don't have  a set date yet), each one will be getting a "Grateful Jar." In this jar, each day, they will have the option to slip in a piece of paper that either lists something they are grateful for OR lists something they wish for the world, country, state, city, or neighbors.

I'm hoping that with this, I'll have some more appreciative children when they read and share their "snips" on New Year's Eve this year.


  1. I definitely appreciate the fact you recognize your children could be more grateful however it seems you are blaming public school just a bit for their lack of compassion. I believe you mention they were in school for 5 months, correct? Do you believe that is enough time for them to be ungratefulas you indicated. I'm not judging, just asking. Do you think maybe they lack gratitude because you buy them excessive items? They are truly fortunate but you definitely could reflect on how they became that way.

  2. I don't know. They've been appreciative until they entered school. I've seen my kids give other kids money (before they started school) out of their pockets. I've witnessed my youngest give another little boy his snack when we were at a play date (again, before public school). I've witnessed my older son give a homeless man and his dog all the money he had in his pocket, telling me "It's OK mom, I have food and I'll get allowance again next week." --over buying what we initially went into town for.

    Can I prove it was public school? Not 100%. But they did all of this stuff, never speaking badly about anyone, until they got into the school system (which in this area is beyond gossipy).


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