Saturday, January 04, 2014

Telling Tales ~1: Homeschooling

Each week I'm going to try to bring a little of my experience with homeschool right here. Some of you may have experienced it, some of you most likely will...some may be fortunate enough to have everything run smoothly. In any case, I do hope you'll join me each Friday for some tidbits.

(Please feel free to send me your myths...I'll see if I can prove them correct or incorrect in upcoming features -

Myth #1: My child won't be socialized if I homechool. They'll only have limited interaction with adults and siblings and will have trouble when it's time for them to graduate and fight the real world.

INCORRECT -- My children have become closer. They help one another with work. This bonding was something I didn't see when they were in school. They'd come home and try to stay as far away from one another as they could. Family is important. I hope they are forming a bond they will share throughout life.
As far as socialization, there are many option.
1) Events at your local libraries (generally free, but may cost up to $3 in my experience)
2) Children's Workshops at Home Depot (these generally have a fee, however, your child comes home with a neat created craft)
3) Local School Events (that's right. Did you know your child can't be kept from playing sports at the local schools? They also can't be kept from dances such as homecoming, prom and so on. Just be sure all your required paperwork is filled out at your school district office about your intent to homeschool and then sign them up)
4) Homeschool Groups (Larger areas have a variety of homeschool mom/children groups. Try to get into one or more. If there isn't one, look into rallying a couple moms to help you and start your own)
5) Play dates (these may seem "old fashioned" but they're still lots of fun. Bring a blanket, a picknic lunch and some friends to a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly park date)
6) Create your own events (partner up with several homeschool groups. Combine for the major events: Graduations, Homecoming, Prom and so on)

There are many more ideas and options other than those listed here. Feel free to share your own as well.

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  1. Great ideas, plus if your family goes to church they will have social interaction there too.


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