Thursday, January 09, 2014

PR Friendly ( #stat update)

It was time to update the stats and repost for those interested. 


Stats update ~ January 9, 2014

Facebook ~ 260 (profile) + 2361
Twitter ~ 3103
Pinterest ~ 168
GFC ~ 6
BlogLovin ~ 2
Triberr ~ 1 Million
Google + ~ 19

All links are also shared on
StumbleUpon ~ Digg

Alexa Rank Global ~ 2,071,157
Alexa Rank US ~ 176,838
Google Page Rank ~ NA

Monthly Unique Visitors ~ 249
(I'm not certain as to why my Google Analytics has a different way lower number, I'm hoping this fixes itself as the blog gets older.)

About My Blog ~ I'm always looking for kid friendly products. I'll be featuring reviews of many children and teen items during 2014. I'm moving into a brand new home and taking nothing with me. I'll be sharing my purchasing expenses, trial and error, decorating tips and finds and more throughout the year. I'm all about a happy family and home. My goal is to share my experiences with my readers. You'll find reviews, DIY Projects, baking from scratch, cooking from scratch, recipes, decorating, crafts, and so much more here. Also in 2014, I'll be opening my own shop (soaps, candles, cleaning supplies and more).

About Me ~ I've been a stay at home mom for over 10 years. I love my children, my home, and searching out the inner peace that being a mom and homemaker allows for. Previously, I home schooled (including to one special needs child). I love crafts, DIY, home products, natural items, and so one. I seem to always be finding something new to try out or some new adventure to lead everyone on. (My latest is Christmas 2014: (1) My children will all hand make personal gifts for one another ~ Gifts from the Heart (2) My children (and hopefully the school they go to) will be lead by me in creating at least TWO Christmas cards each for soldiers.)

Advertising ~ (Check back often as prices are subject to change - these are introductory prices)

Top banner - 1 available (above posts - center) $15/month or 3 months for $40
Left or right side bar ad - 1 available per side - $10/month or 3 months for $25
Left or right side bar bottom ads - 3 available per side - $7/month or 3 months for $15
Bottom of page ads - 3 across, 2 rows - 6 available - $5/month

Sponsored Posts - $10-$50

Additional Review Policy Information ~

  • I abide by FTP policy
  • Reviews are always free of charge as long as materials for product(s) are provided to me free of charge (full size items, shipping paid by sender).
  •  Please let me know if you wish a certain date for your review. Otherwise, please allow up to 4 weeks for your review to be posted.
  • Reviews are always promoted on all of my social networks.
Giveaway Policy ~
  • I will do giveaways without doing a review of the product.
  • Giveaways will run 2 weeks.
  • If you would like giveaway options to include a specific facebook, twitter or pinterest account, please be sure to let me know.
  • I will provide winner details to you, please do NOT ship me the winner's product(s).
  • Giveaways are always promoted on all of my social networks.


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