Wednesday, January 08, 2014

#Obamacare Part 2 #Concerns #fears

Yesterday I made an initial post about Obamacare. Not long after, my mind filled with more concerns.

Yes, there's the missing out on visits and medications that some will have to face because of larger co-pays.

But what about this ~

Refusal of treatments?

You go into the hospital, need to see an ER doctor. It's been that hospitals couldn't turn away those that needed aid (I think private hospitals might have been able too, but I'm not certain).

I think hospital refusal of treatment will become a very real thing. Why?

Your child needs to see the doctor, however, that doctor visit co-pay is $50 that you don't have. But you don't want him to get sicker. So, because you don't have the $50 for the doctor's office, you take him to the ER because they can't refuse you.

The ER are going to wonder why he's not just at the doctor. What will you say? Be honest and tell them you didn't have the $50?

If you do or don't ~ they''ll eventually catch on.

That's when the ER will be demanding money up front or refusing to treat anyone that could just go to their own doctor.

This really scares me. If I don't have $2500 for the ER/hospital, they could possibly refuse to treat my child?

Now, I'm not saying the hospital part will happen ~ but I truly believe that it will. And I am not happy about it.


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