Tuesday, January 07, 2014

#Obamacare - Am I over reacting?

Recently we lost our health insurance. With my youngest's conditions, it's something we really need. I wasn't worried about the pre-existing conditions because, Obamacare doesn't allow you to be disqualified. So, for once, even with the bad I'd heard, I thought maybe this was a good thing.

However, here is my experience from a bit ago.

I fill out the form on the internet. Only to see that I HAVE to talk to someone on the phone. Then why did they waste my time?

I call in and answer the same questions I had filled out on the form. (Again, wasting my time.)

I'm told there's a perfect policy for my family of 2 adults and 4 children with wonderful benefits. And affordable. I breathed a sigh of relief only to hear:
"It's $320 a month. You have to pay $50 per doctor or office visit. It covers 50% on certain medications and 20% on others. You also have a $2500 hospital/ER deductible."

By this time I'm in panic mode. My previous insurance cost LESS and covered MORE.

Guy on the phone tells me "Well, there is another option that is $261 a month. Everything is the same except you hospital/ER becomes $7500 instead of $2500."

Keep in mind, I have a husband and child on medications and both need regular doctor visits. My husband was also just in the hospital a few months ago.

Some months I could barely scrape up the $5-$10 co-pay on medications. With doctor visits, how do I come up with $50 for each one? My youngest sees at least TWO MONTHLY.

Our kids now have to skip appointments? Do without medications? How does the government think this is beneficial?

How about we stop giving things to other countries? How about we stop bailing out the other countries and start bailing out our own people?

Keep in mind, you can now be fined ~ PER PERSON ~ for no health insurance.

Do you have a better opinion of Obamacare? Have you experienced the same? Anyone with solutions?

Wonderful Mr. Obama, all families now have health insurance. Now who will put food on their tables?


  1. I think the Health care system is messed up. Our out of pocket expenses just increased on Jan 1 too. I too have medical conditions and I see a dr on a regular basis, I can't skip because I will end up with more issues. Continue searching for insurance and see if your state has a program to cover your son. Ask your dr if they have a $4 prescription that you can get for your conditions.

    For decent insurance your looking at 600 to 800 dollars a month for a family, its sad that health insurance costs so much.

  2. Yes, I'm not certain how they justify something with such extreme costs as beneficial and helpful


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