Saturday, January 04, 2014

Naming that Cheapo #CookBook ( #frugal #recipes #budget #vote #poll )

Combing (sort of) with this post is my one on The Soup Diaries.

I need a name for my frugal cookbook. While I know the meals in it won't be 7 courses with prime rib on the menu, I know they'll be filling. The change in food purchasing could be drastic for us, but it was the one place I knew it was possible to save budget money. Moving into a larger home this year, while it's added inside space and privacy for growing children, it's over doubled our living costs. The budget has to be reeled in before I have too much month and way too little money.

Earlier, I posted on my Facebook Profile that I was at a loss as to what to name this book. Some great friends came to the rescue with some suggestions. Now the problem is, I can't decide which to name the book. 

That's where I'm hoping you will come in. Vote in the sidebar for the title you like best. Remember you can only vote ONE time, so pick your favorite. I'll announce the title once the poll closes.

Poll is over to your left at the top. It closes in the afternoon on January 11. :)


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