Friday, January 03, 2014

#Fabric #Recycle #Crafts ~1

I have kids and an item consuming washing machine (at times). Every once in awhile the kids will rip things. Every once in awhile the washer will as well.

I hadn't thought much on it until my son's favorite transformer blanket became the latest washing machine victim. When I told him we'd have to throw it away he cried, screamed and all out threw a huge fit.

So, I decided, since I recycle so many other things-why not recycle some of the blankets that are falling victim to kids, washing machine or just old age. Even with old age, only small portions tend to be worn.

The idea? I cut up his transformer blanket into pieces, leaving out the areas that had been torn. Now, I have several pieces of material to put into a new blanket.

Pictures coming soon.


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