Sunday, January 05, 2014


On my Facebook Page, I mentioned that I'd been struggling with something that I was finally ready to share. Here it is. (For sneaks and early details, special offers and special FB only items, stop by and like my page)

How many people have been lucky enough to adopt?

How many have wanted to and began research and looking at places and children?

How many have then been disappointed at the cost?

I know I can't afford it. To me, in these instances, they aren't seeing to the well being of children. They're seeing to their own greed. There are many WONDERFUL people who would love to have more children to love. However, $25,000 - $100,000 is unreachable for many of us. We live week to week, month to month, pay check to pay check.

Does that mean we're bad parents?

Does that mean we're unable to provide a stable home, clothing, food and unmeasurable amounts of love?


I can no longer have children. I had my tubes tied 10 years ago after having my youngest. They almost lost both of us and had to do an emergency C-Section. My son was born not breathing. For me, the choice was clear. Even though I wanted more children, I couldn't risk not being their to raise the four I already had.

But I would love to adopt. However, it seems it will never be in my financial capabilities. I always wonder how people have thousands of dollars just set aside. We are a one job family, as my job is with the children so they are raised by me and not by a stranger.

Anyone have an adoption experience or thoughts to share? I'd love to hear them.


  1. It sounds as if you have only considered private adoptions. You should consider adopting a child that may be in permanent state custody. A great place to begin looking is The Heart Gallery.

  2. The Big Brother Big Sister program is in need of mentors. You can get matched with a child that shares your interests, help them with their homework, take them places they can't afford, offer them advice they can't get at home, all the perks of parenting without any of the financial obligations. Our local program has 150 kids on the waiting list. There's no cost for the background check, and you get monthy meetings with an advisor who helps you solve any problems you're having.

  3. What about adopting a child that's 2 or older? Or trying to Foster to adopt? I think that if you really want to adopt there are ways around some of the costs.

  4. Thanks for commenting.

    I'll look into The Heart gallery. Thank you.

    The Big Brother Big Sister program is 3 hours one way for us. We're extremely rural and nothing is close at hand.

    I've considered foster. However, I worry on the impact children being in and out of the home on my other children (especially my youngest with special needs if he gets overly attached).


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