Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What a week ( #homesteading #changes #realestate )

So, I have the most terrible neighbors on the face of the earth. Mind you, we all live in open range land. There are no dog leash laws, tag laws or any other laws on livestock. However, every time one of my dogs bark, these new neighbors call the police. (Who told me the dogs have to be in at night.)

So, in the weeks they've been in overnight, the owls and coyotes have been killing off my critters at will. Killing off over half my stock. According the law enforcement, if I put them (my dogs) back out and the neighbors complain, I get ticketed, fined and possibly serve jail time (seriously - jail time).

With that, I've been hunting properties. Of course, since I'm paying on what I'm in, it's near impossible to get a bank loan on two homes as a single mom. So, acreage was out this time.

I've finally got a verbal agreement (after several offers, counter offers and compromises) on a home. It's small. It has no land (well, 1/4 acre). So, my homesteading will become more in canning, veggies and fruit growing.

But I'm still going to try.

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