Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Beginning of a New Journey - Losing #Faith and Gaining it Back ( Please note this post has #religious content)

As I had mentioned (maybe it was on Twitter), 2014 is going to bring a lot of changes to my family. After years of "doing my own thing" I am finally ready to begin my journey back to church. It's been a long road.

It's difficult to lose your faith. It's easy to say "I'm don't believe in anything I can't see." It's even harder to have nothing to base your hopes on. No greater power than yourself.

I lost my faith when I was 16. Several times I've almost journeyed back. Each time, it wasn't more than a thought that lasted a week or two. I was comfortable, I suppose. It's hard to break old habits. My new home is very close to a church. I decided I should take it for a sign. (I know, it may or may not have been, but to me, it was the world's way of telling me, I'd been gone too long from something I used to enjoy.)

When I was younger it was ~ Church every Sunday morning and night, Church every Wednesday night. Then there was Quizzing when I became 12. We used to compete with other churches on various question from the Bible. Then there was also Vacation Bible School each summer. It was something I always looked forward to.

My children have never attended.

I've not pointed them to or from the church at this point. I've told them it needed to be their choice ~ their journey ~ when they were old enough to make the decision. Yes, I suppose I am going back on my word, as I am going to be asking them to come with me. At least for a couple of months. Once they've given it a chance, I imagine it's their choice then.

I grew up in a different church setting than the one I am about to discover. But I am looking forward to it. I tell my children everything happens for a reason ~ I've always blamed Karma. It's time I took my own phrase a little more seriously.

~~Journey posts will be about our spiritual journey. if you are offended or do not care for the topic, please skip over it. There will continue to be a lot of other content here over 2014.~~


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