Monday, December 16, 2013

Sponsor Info

Sponsors allow me to give back to my readers. I appreciate all sponsors and affiliates and look forward to working with you - personally, as I handle everything and you'll always get direct access to me. Responses are generally sent in under 24 hours, but with the holidays, please do allow up to 48.

Please understand that advertisers are subject to approval and may be rejected. This blog is family safe. 

Advertising ~ (Introductory prices)

Top banner - 1 available (above posts - center) $15/month or 3 months for $40
Left or right side bar ad - 1 available per side - $10/month or 3 months for $25
Left or right side bar bottom ads - 3 available per side - $7/month or 3 months for $15
Bottom of page ads - 3 across, 2 rows - 6 available - $5/month

Sponsored Posts - $10-$50 (Sponsored posts get you a one month appearance on the Affiliates page - link only or linked graphic).

Want just a one month banner or link on the affiliates page? You can get one for $10/month.

For even more details, please see THIS post.

Ready to purchase? Email me for availability and we'll get started. (I know it's long :-) just copy/paste as I've added no spaces).


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