Sunday, December 22, 2013

Online Stock Up Staples (What's in your pantry?)

Ok, so maybe they aren't 100% considered staples, but in getting back to basics, one of the first things I want to do is start gaining some items that I know I can't produce myself. So, tonight, while chatting on yahoo messenger with a friend, I went on a search.

Imagine the time I can save if I can reasonably order certain items to be delivered to my home.

My first mission was for oats. I came across THIS recipe for crock pot oatmeal and it reminds me of years ago and living with my grandparents. Grandma still did things the old fashioned way (we never even owned a microwave or had cable). How great would it be to get this on and serve up a hot meal, easily, on some mornings?

In searching and trying to hunt the best prices for steel cut oats, I ran acrossTHIS. It's about $1.14 per pound with shipping under $5. You can also get a bulk deal, if you can buy at least 4, your cost per pound goes down to around $1.08. THIS one was more expensive (also with shipping under $5)...they average to about $1.39 a pound (for the record, I'm not including shipping prices in that estimate). Although more expensive, if you're looking for more "practical" packaging, THIS can be an option, though more costly. 

One of the biggest things for me is practical storage. Needless to say, I don't have a whole lot of storage space at this moment, but I'm working on it. And, will no doubt, have to get it figured out rather quickly. I do have the advantage of three refrigerators with top freezers. Still, for a family with four growing children, it's still not nearly enough.

So, I came across THESE cut little bowls while looking at other variations. I decided on these because they have lids. Snacks, puddings, yogurt, etc -- can be placed in these cute little glass bowls, lids placed on and tossed in the fridge for an easy snack. And, another perk? They're reusable. ☺ (psst: these are also microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe -- I don't own a dishwasher, but it's still a nice fact for some readers.) Anyway, I've decided I need these in several different sizes.

My next mission was to find wheat grain. That was because I'd found THISrecipe for homemade Cream of Wheat. 

So, I did find THIS. You get 50 Pounds for $50.99 (slightly over $1 a pound)and shipping is under $5. You also get a better price for the larger buy quantities (bringing it to under $1 a pound). It says it's also great for long term storage. There's also THIS one. It's a little more expensive UNLESS you take advantage of their subscribe and save. So, that allows it to be under $1 a pound. This is also available for free shipping. One other that I looked at was THIS one. It's in smaller packaging, also has a discount when you subscribe and can get free shipping. 

Two other staples that seem to be pretty important to money saving are cornstarch and powdered milk.  They're also used in THIS super great recipe for cream soup.

On cornstarch, you can get 50 pounds for about $24 HERE. I didn't look into shipping costs as I'm still trying to get my bulk orders in line (and figuring out the best storage methods). I did notice that for cornstarch, you really need to determine what type you're looking for. I've found pricing as high as $120 for 50 pounds. 

Powdered milk can also be pricey. So, again, I'd suggest determining what kind you want. It's as high (from what I found anyway)....$202 for 50 pounds. Unfortunately, when it comes to this, I didn't find any prices that I was really jumping for joy over. Maybe it's because everything so far has been around $1 a pound. HERE you can get 9.75 pounds for $52.85. This works out to about $5.42 a pound. Also, it is currently on sale, so this price will, at some point, bump up to around $75. Also, if you're looking for a larger size, THIS one is 28.8 pounds for $159.45 (also on sale and will go up, at some point, to about $262).  This breaks down to $5.54 per pound (actually more expensive than the smaller package mentioned previously). 

On a side note: You can get a 50 pound bag of flour HERE for around $1 a pound (I don't know about where you are, but that's a lot less than I can get it for out here). 

Know of a better deal on any of these products? Please feel free to tell me. 


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