Monday, December 23, 2013

Misguided Ideas

With winter in full swing (although mild), I see my project list still piled high. All those well-meaning projects I thought would be complete in time for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You know what?

They're pretty much all still sitting. I've missed even one gift that I thought I'd have done with time to spare. I always seem to start off with such force, that I'm ahead on a deadline ~ then something happens. lol

Some have patterns made or purchased for them, others have been pinned together, others have patterns but I can't quite decide on the fabric...and so on it goes.

What I have realized is the following:

1) There will never be enough hours in the day
2) No one will just let me design...there is a job to do, there are kids, there is a home to care for
3) I will not save money by making my own pajamas, quilts, grocery bags, and so on (I had started to save money but find I spend far more in making my own)
4) No one is going to appreciate the time I put into making that homemade birthday...Christmas...anniversary (etc) bundle which contained: a quilt, a throw, 2 pillowcases, 2 to 3 throw pillows and matching winter pajamas
5) No one is going to appreciate that homemade gift basket either. Filled with (all homemade): soaps, lotions, cough medicine, cough drops, laundry soap, fabric softener, suckers, candy, dish soap, bath oils, shampoo and so on

So, why do I do it?

I suppose, one day, I hope that my kids will pick up something I've made for them and finally realize all the love that was placed into it...just for them. As to the gift-giving...I'm beginning to change my idea on it. A few have suggested I do samples and then start my own mini online sales for such items. I just don't know. Most would have to stay as local sales and who really has the time to try to pound the pavement to find people that would purchase homemade items over store bought...when these have to be made and are, at times, at an expense that is above what they would get in the store?


So, speak up, if you like, and tell us all about your current crafting frustrations.


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