Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Product Review: SlimQuick #diet #WeightLoss

Disclaimer: The opinions below are my own. Please know that results may vary from person to person. I was not asked, nor paid for this review and the product was purchased by me.

As many of us struggle with weight loss, we feel the need to see results quickly. Lack of time also cuts into our days for exercise. If only there was a magic potion. There are many products out there claiming to have these quick fixes, but do any really work? I've tried a couple (one in progress) and have decided to share my results with you.

I was a size 0. Yes, really. For years. After my last child (10 years ago) I never lost all the weight. It didn't seem to matter what I tried. I'd lose a bit, then gain it all back. I was rarely  under 160 pounds.

I was at 166 when I decided to try SlimQuick the first time. I lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks. I kept doing exactly what I had done on the diet, except I didn't take anymore pills.

Within a week--with no changes-- I still exercised and ate less....I gained it ALL back.

Over the next 4 weeks, I walked and jogged. It was anywhere from 2 miles a day to 6. I lost 5 pounds. And I had kept it off. At 161, I still had a lot of weight to lose, and just exercising and watching what I was eating, wasn't taking anymore off.

I decided to give SlimQuick another go. (Especially since I still had left over pills.)

The first day, I lost 3 pounds, followed by one more the next day. Then nothing! By day 4, two pounds had reattached themselves to me while sticking to the same plan.

Four weeks later, I did manage to keep the two pounds off. So, I'm at 159.4 --

My verdict on SlimQuick? It's not for me. Another gimmick in a bottle.


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