Saturday, October 05, 2013

Why Colors of the Wind? ( #homesteading #ColorsOfTheWind )

I explained the first part of our name yesterday - now for the second part.

Colors of the Wind. We're in an area surrounded by Native American Reservations. Those that hold on to the ancient ways, believe there's so much just around you. They were worshipers of nature. When I'm in the wind, I feel so free. It's a good thing as we have wind here almost daily (so much today that I had trouble getting out of my gates).

The wind and nature around us is full of a variety of colors (many we forget to take time to note). In getting back to the basics I'm taking more time to appreciate the little things...the scent of the air, the color of the bushes, the temperature of the wind as it finds its way to tangle my hair.

There you have it...those are the reasons my acres were named as they have been.


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