Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Where to start? A few things learned in my first summer. ( #homesteading #ColorsOfTheWind #winter #chickens #goats #duck #geese #coyote #owl )

Some days I wonder if I've lost my mind in trying this. Over the summer, I've had a lot of trial and error. Namely coyotes. They are not my friend. And who knew owls would actually steal ducks, chicken and geese? I feel I should have researched before I jumped in with both feet.

The good news? I have learned a lot and have the winter to regroup. All is not lost. (although I wish less had been lost)

October is here and I'm zooming around wondering where summer went...running around in the mornings freezing and wondering if I'll have what it takes to contend with a full brood of animals for a homestead in the dead of winter. (Have I mentioned how much I dislike the cold?)

I know that at the beginning of spring, I need to have my fencing redone. So I'll start on the opposite side of my house. Get it built and move around animals. Then fix the fencing on that side.

I know that coyotes and owls will prey on my geese, chickens and ducks.

I know that I am still looking for pigs, but also relieved that I didn't get any over the spring and summer. I need to add manageable animals bit by bit.

I know that homesteading is not a one year path to off grid living. There's no way to have enough stock in that amount of time.

I know that my soil is awful and I'll have to create raised beds if I'm going to get anything to grow,

I know that the first summer as trying to homestead has created a huge financial loss that I plan on making up in 2014 (crossing fingers over here for a better plan that works).

Homesteading is a journey. Now that I've had my disappointments of a summer, here's to setting up for winter and building a successful 2014. I hope you'll join me in the journey as I share what will change.


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