Thursday, October 03, 2013

Sometimes It's Lonely ( #homesteading #startingover #beselfsufficient )

I've decided that sometimes it can be lonely living so rurally. No bus transportation, no internet, no anything (well it feels like that anyway on some days). Then I think of ages ago when people had to travel for an hour or two just to reach their neighbor. I always thought it would be wonderful. To live so freely. To enjoy close family and warm fires.

Now that I'm approaching my first winter trying to homestead...I'm seeing that it can really be lonely. A lot of time is spent on my home and children, more time on animals and yard chores. But some days I long for the interaction I used to get by simply driving 15 minutes to the mall. Or to a fast food restaurant for a quick lunch.

That simply doesn't happen out here.

Some days I'm grateful for it. Others not so much.

I have to remind myself of why I chose to move. Of why I chose to try this. Of the benefits I'm hoping my children will gain from this.

Maybe this  blog will be my link to others who sacrifice and do the same things I'm trying to do.


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