Wednesday, October 02, 2013

New Project ( #crochet #crafts #handmade #pattern #PatternsByHallieGrace )

I started a new project today. The goal on it is rather simple until after the beginning of the new year because I've already got so many projects going on. But this one is a have to. It's a blanket, in school colors for my son. I'd like to give it to him on his graduation. I can't believe it's almost time for him to be in high school.

Anyone wanting the pattern, I'll be sharing here along with progress. Now, since it's a pattern I'm making's a work as I go.

So far, for anyone interested:

crochet 25 chains and add your one additional for your turn. Double crochet all the way down. Do 10 rows. The tie off. That's one of your squares.

I'm doing them in three different colors. I always use two skeins of yarn at once (makes the blanket warmer). So my first is white/ second blue/blue...and my final blue/white.

Here's some beginning shots.

My first square was blue/white

My second was blue/blue

My final was white/ can see my first 3 here.
The goal is only one square a day (due to other craft projects that I really need done for the holidays that were already started. Good thing I have until June to get this done.

Again, anyone wanting the pattern, can follow as I go (going to try to do a progress update each week) or you can wait for the full pattern when I'm finished with the project.


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