Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Meet the Kids ( #family #ColorsOfTheWind #homestead )

I guess it's time to meet the kids. It's been a rough change for them and some of them are more accepting of these changes than others. I do believe that this will be the best thing ever for them and I hope we can find that back to the basics, family first commitment that we had when they were small.

Zach Alan

Zach is my 14 year old football player. He's a straight A student so far this year and he's made the most improvement since our arrival to what I hope to be our homestead. We definitely have had some rocky roads over the last few years...but I am absolutely thrilled with this turn around. He even finally has a crush on a girl. She's polite, respectful and also a straight A student. We still have some mouthy issues and days of flat out refusing to do anything other than eat and sleep...but we'll get there.

Wesley Tyler

Wesley is my 10 year old, also my youngest. He has some conditions that make him even more special and our family is learning to embrace the daily challenges and a small community that isn't always too accepting of someone who is different (especially when it can't be readily seen from the outside). He's got a heart of gold and loves to be included. I'm sure one day the community will see that as well.

Amanda Leigh

Amanda is my 15 year old. She's a typical teen from what I've been told. Asking her to do anything is like taking away her curling iron. I thought she'd lose some of the priss and entitlement she's displayed all these years, but it's still the same. We're all her servants and she can't be bothered to help or mess up her hair. She's an absolute drama queen with a boyfriend that gives me nightmares. I'm hoping this new way of life will be our salvation when it comes to her.

Abbye Reece

Abbye is my 13 year old. She's learning from her sister, so I'm hoping our move was in time. While she's not as prissy, she's just as smart mouthed and unwilling to help. With her younger age, I'm hoping my tomboy will pull through faster and see that family is the most important bond any of us can ever have.


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